Thursday, April 24, 2008

SALE :: PROMOTION ::Selling a few Tops on EBAY starting at $15 -$18-$22 get them quick!

So I decided to do something new, fun, diffferent, and  sell a few tops on Ebay
. As a Promotion for a few lucky buyers! Items starting at $15 dollars, hopefully you can bid and get a great price too! Regular prices range from $28- $35 so this is a deal! Get it quick, listings are only up for 4 more days!

First Top: starting at $22
Second Top: starting at $18
Third Top: starting at $15

Thanks for the support! I hope you enjoy!


snowy652 said...

those are lovely

blessings -- shell

Angel said...

Thank you Shell!
I know how i am about sales, and its always great to get one! So i thought i'd put a couple fresh shirts up there to give people a great deal!

Thanks again for your compliments!