Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Items from AD LOVE

I posted some new items. The first picture is a necklace i made, from this awesome shell place i found in florida! Its this great hand cut shell! and looked great with one of my shirts :)

Next a new turntable DJ longsleeved top, the top is from Alternative Apparel and is so super comfy soft. plus the gold paint is awesome. A lot of people ask me if the paint is okay to wash, and it IS! I made my boyfriend a turntable shirt (this is actually his turntable) that i referenced,  and he washed it, dried it. even with fabric softener (which the paint says not to) and it is perfectly fine, no fading at all! Great paint!

The next Top, is a great white raglan top from alternative apparel. I hand painted and splashed and stenciled some flowers in the background creating an awesome watercolor technique like my paintings. and then screenprinted over it. Looks really pretty. 

The last top is a Fun top, that i forgot about, i reconstructed it, and weaved a really neat neckline, it was really hard to do, but worth it, i reconstructed the sleeves and its very fun and funky!

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