Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PICAPICA - One Artist, So Much creativity

Liz Grotyohann has a meticulous attention to detail, a thirst for knowledge, and a love of ephemera that serve her well in the myriad aspects of her creative work. Trained as a Graphic Designer, Liz works 40 plus hours a week as a designer specializing in exhibition and environmental graphics. 

When her 9-5 day is done, she gets to work with her hands, shifting the scale of her creative work to personal collages and assemblages. Lately exploring recycling and repurposing household waste, Liz, has created beautiful and functional objects from materials that would most likely be discarded. She is also working on exploring a jewelry line based on her collage art. 

Wow. Liz, has got it all, What an amazing craft, and style, and she definetly wears many hats in the creative world. 

I could have added so many more images, so please check out her website, to find your own personal fav's

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