Friday, February 15, 2008


The story of the NIU shooting really hits close to home, since I went there, just a few short years ago, as well as my boyfriend Donnie,  My sister Annie, Her husband Chad (NIU Cop 2 years ago), my closest friends, Katie, Casey, Erin, Alyssa, Michael, Alex, Bryan, Keenan, Quinn, Dan, and so many more people to name.  Its really hard to believe when this was Your school, that you went to. I can't even imagine, how terrifying, it must be to have been at the campus when this happened.  We have all had class in Cole Hall. If Anyone wants to comment, or needs to say or get out anything, feel free to post it here. 

I just pray for those students, and faculty who are going through the experience right now. I pray that they can talk to people, and get help to deal with this horrible act. How could you go to school after that? And most of all I pray for the families and friends of the students who have passed on, and who are injured. 

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