Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amazing Items of the Day!

What gorgeous colors, shapes, techniques! I love these items of the day!!!!

First:  Fleece layered pillow (other colors too!) by: fortunately.unfortunately

2nd: Vintage Scarf Bedspread by: Ouno

3rd: Absolutly Gorgeous Photos by: Helveticaneue (check out all of the beautiful colorful buildings in shop, i couldnt pick out my fav ;)

4th: Reusable Shopping bag by: Dog Bone Art


ReeesaT said...

Wow! Thanks soooo much for featuring my grey layered pillow! I'm honored to be picked with these other wonderful items :)

helveticaneue said...

what a gorgeous selection! thank you so much for including me in the mix, you are most kind!!

Angel said...

Your welcome, welcome! have a great week!

coley's blog page said...

doze r cute!
pleez chek out mii paige