Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dollface Design

Intriguing beautiful vintage looking prints by Layla, Dollface Design.

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biomagscience said...

Carpel Tunnel Therapy Trials Testing

Research and individual results have shown the proper magnetic field applied on the correct [meridian] side of the arm/wrist supports rapid reduction of inflammation and pain and with increased mobility; therefore,

The Foundation for Magnetic Science and its research group BiomagScience® in their quest to provide the public with alternative supplemental therapies that may provide benefits for health conditions is:

Conducting a series of free tests to analyze and create a standardized therapy for individuals suffering from Carpal Tunnel.

If you are interested in being part of our trial, BiomagScience will send you our medical grade Biomagnets, simple placement instructions and a questionnaire.

As part of the testing and free Biomagnetic material, you must agree to supply an evaluation of your condition at the beginning of the trial and a weekly, short progress report during the test period of eight weeks and subsequently, answer a very short periodic questionnaire thereafter.

The test will require using the Biomagnets 6-8 hours daily. Individuals using the current testing protocol have indicated: good relief, Biomagnets are very easy to apply and easy to wear - often wearing full time. BiomagScience and the Foundation will analyze, develop and research all the results. Your name is and will be kept confidential.

Anyone accepted into the testing trials will keep the Biomagnetic material after the test period. We can only accept a limited number of people into the trial, so please respond as soon as possible.

Please contact BiomagScience at office@biomagscience.com referencing the Carpal Tunnel Trial in the subject line. Please give a brief statement about your condition, what you have been trying to do to relieve the pain and your name and number so that our research staff can make contact.

We thank you in advance in joining us in the mission of trying to find a simple therapy to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

BiomagScience Research Department